Camp County Courthouse

Camp County is located in the heart of Northeast Texas. It is the third smallest county in the state, comprising only 195.8 square miles of land mass and 7.4 square miles of water area for a total of 203.2 square miles.

Camp County was created out of the northern part of Upshur County in 1874 and was named for John Lafayette Camp, a state senator from Upshur County who presented the petitions that led to the action of the legislature. The county seat is Pittsburg. Total population estimate for the county is 12,413.

For many years, Camp County was primarily an agricultural community. At one time, the county raised more sweet potatoes than any other county in the state. As a result of this large crop, a basket factory became the county’s largest industry. After the basket factory closed, the poultry and feed-processing industries became prominent in the county. Still a viable agricultural community today, Camp County is one of the major poultry-producing and peach-producing counties in the state along with vineyards, beef cattle, dairy cattle, hay, and timber as the cornerstones of the county’s agricultural industry.